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Sitting pretty near the depths of the Boka Kotorska, a bay on the Adriatic Sea, Kotor will make you swoon. There is much about this town to love, among them its still waters, medieval stone architecture, and winding Old Town streets dotted with red-tiled roofs.

12. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan’s golden sand and colorful Old Town porticos are dazzling. And that deep blue sky? Endless. But there’s more. Snorkel or scuba dive to discover another—absolutely brilliant—side of San Juan.

13. San Diego, CA

Whether you’re gazing into tide pools from the Cabrillo National Monument or wandering through the Spanish-inspired Prado at Balboa Park, it’s indisputable: San Diego is dashing. Add a pint of golden IPA from local brewery Green Flash Brewing Co. and a walk on La Jolla Shores to this scenario and you’ll wish the seals could take your photo for you.

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Each spring, the flower fields come to life with bright blossoms…and hundreds of thousands of visitors come out to the farms near Mount Vernon for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. When spring melts into summer, make sure you spend some time in La Conner, a picturesque small town where beautiful Mt. Baker will photobomb every snapshot you take.

15. Boston, MA

Without a doubt, the fountains of Boston Common and the history splashed across the harbor make the “Athens of America” a must-visit. The cobblestone streets and antique shops of Beacon Hill will charm you off your feet and right into a cozy corner market.

16. Minnehaha Falls, MN

The name of these waterfalls may make you giggle just a little, but their beauty is no laughing matter. Wander into Minnehaha Park on the south side of Minneapolis. You’ve already heard about Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. Well, the waterfalls are just as lovely. Minnehaha Falls actually freeze in the winter and you can snap some amazing photosfrom thefootbridge above the falls.

17. Sedona, AZ

Splash away a heat wave at Slide Rock, a natural water park with stone slides formed by Oak Creek and slick with thick algae. On a cool day—yes, there are plenty of those in Northern Arizona—hike through Red Rock State Park. Cliff sides are striped in varying shades of red, which make the meadows look even greener.

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To say the Columbia River Gorge has more than its fair share of cascades is an understatement. Home to Hood River and more than 25 falls, including the 611-foot Multnomah Falls, the Gorge is a lush landscape par excellence. Take a 65-mile drive from Portland to Panorama Point County Park and gobble up views of Mt. Hood and acres of Oregon wine country.

19. Waipio Valley, HI

Economy Polarizing Political Economy
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, Donald Trump , economic interest , The Masha Tote Bag Poolside Pick A Best Cheap Online 2018 Newest Sale Online Latest Collections Online C1CF80
, stock market

By James H. Nolt

Last week , I promised to explain how rising debt creates an incentive for debt crises worldwide. One of the biggest errors of textbook economics is the assumption that crises are mistakes—the result of bad policy. Nothing in mainstream education explains why crises are a profitable solution for powerful interests. Needless to say, a large part of the reason for this is the chronic neglect of the role of private power in textbook economics.

The media is incapable of guessing what Trump will do next, in part because they pay too much attention to words and too little to economic context. Business interests are often better informed about the likely future than either the media or voters, so it is worth paying attention to market reactions.

The stock market reaction to Trump’s election was mixed. Not surprisingly, trade-dependent stocks were nervous, here and abroad, because of concern about Trump’s potential Statement Clutch Flutterbye Wings by VIDA VIDA Popular Cheap Price Free Shipping Browse Ps0Cnq3Exu
. But they were not as alarmed as his campaign rhetoric might have suggested, because as Obama has said during his world tour, Trump in power may act differently than Trump on the campaign trail. Obama talks about the restraining effects of vague “realities,” but I interpret those as the political-economic context, including private power.

Some stocks shot up on the announcement of Trump’s victory, most notably private prison companies. There may be plenty of “customers” to lock up, not just illegal immigrants. But financial stocks have also done well. This may seem surprising since Trump campaigned against banker influence, winning over many voters in the process. Perhaps finance is excited because a Republican Congress is likely to decrease the already limited taxation and regulation of finance. I would bet Trump will not veto regulatory relaxation despite campaign rhetoric that seemed to position him as an anti-bank populist.

The other major market reaction to Trump’s victory is a significant fall in bond prices—in other words, a rise in interest rates . Most people understand less about bond markets than stock markets because the media focuses on the latter. Bond prices tend to fall for three reasons: (1) increasing risk that borrowers will not be able to pay; (2) increasing demand for loans, meaning many are trying to borrow relative to those willing to lend; and (3) decreasing willingness of creditors to lend at current interest rates. If creditors believe that they can earn higher returns on their capital investing in some way other than buying bonds, they may sell their bonds and invest in some other asset instead. Selling pressure tends to reduce the bond price and thus increase the bond yield or effective interest rate. All three reasons are currently in play.


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Covariance(X, Y)

Computes an estimate of the covariance or weighted covariance between two uncertain quantities «X» and «Y». The covariance is a measure of the amount of linear dependence. A covariance of 0 indicates that the two quantities appear to be independent (although if there is a non-linear relationship, this is not necessarily the case), a positive value indicates that they tend to increase together, while a negative correlation indicates that an increase in one quantity tends to be accompanied by a decrease in the other.

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is a related measure of linear dependence. Correlation is the covariance normalized by the standard deviations so that the result ranges from -1 to 1. The covariance is not limited to any particular range.

The covariance of a quantity with itself is its variance .

The Gaussian function accepts a covariance matrix as a parameter when specifying a multi-variate distribution.

Full declaration:


If you have a data set containing two variables, A and B , where data points are indexed by J , the covariance of A and B is computed using

Here J is referred to as the running index .

If you have an array in which you want to find the covariance of two columns, then you will apply the subscript operator to extract each column. For example, the following computes the covariance between historical revenue in 2002 and 2003 (where data points are indexed by J ).

Unweighted covariance treats all data or sample points as equally weighted. Weighted covariance computes the covariance when each data point may have a different weight. The optional «w» parameter may be used to specify a weight, which should be indexed by the running index (or by Run if no running index is specified). For example, the following specifies an importance weight:

The global sample weighting, specified by the system variable SampleWeighting , is used by default.

Suppose each sample point is a vector along index I . A covariance matrix is a 2-D square symmetric matrix where each element (m, n) indicates the covariance of column I = m and column I = n . To compute a sample covariance matrix for a given set of data, create a second index, I2 as a copy of I :

With this index, the covariance matrix, index by I and I2 , is computed from data X using:

Or if data points are listed along an index other than Run , say J , this would be:

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Skin Care
By Sneha

Many people especially women use baby products on their skin. You use this just because they are good for your baby's skin. Though it is true that most of the baby products are very gentle and thus they suit almost every skin type. Here are a few things that you can pick from your baby's kitty for your own purpose.

Baby Cream- A Baby cream is one of the best things to be used from the baby kitty for yourself. You must have wondered many a times to what can be the best way to moisturize your skin. Stop worrying as this is an answer to your question. Baby creams are good for adults too. Just a small quantity of the baby cream would help in moisturising your skin.

Baby Cream-

But here too there is a consideration that has to be kept in mind. A baby cream is good for only those who have dry skin. Most of the baby creams are oily. So, if you have an oily skin then it is better that you do not use them.

Baby Shampoo- Want to apply baby shampoos on adult scalp? Mind you, they are just too mild. They gently cleanse the skin and might not be good enough for people who regularly go out in dust and pollution. Baby products as such might not be good if you have dandruff and want to wash it off. A baby shampoo is good only if you are having a heavy hairfall and do not want to use any kind of chemicals on your scalp.

Baby Shampoo-

Baby Soap- This happens to be one of the baby products that is good for all adults. They do not have a heavy alkaline composition and is therefore good for your skin. They are very gentle and also have good moisturisers. You may use it on a regular basis instead of your soap. And trust me this will make your skin far more smoother than before.

Baby Soap-

Baby Formula- A baby formula is great for adult skin. You may apply baby formula instead of the chemical filled sunscreens that you generally use. This provides wonderful protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Even the great pop star Shakira applies baby formula on her skin instead of the sunscreens. So just dab some onto the skin to get flawlessly beautiful.

Baby Formula-

Baby Oil- Be it a baby hair oil or body oil, all are good for the skin. They make your hair and skin all the more smooth and gentle.

Baby Oil-

Before you apply any such product, it is better that you take a test on the back of your ear first. If rashes appear then it is better not to use them.

The act or quality of being arrogant; haughty; undue assumption; overbearing conceit.
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